Clemens Reinecke, Conor Backman, Israel Lund,
Travess Smalley and Jochen Plogsties
Interviewed by Hendrik Niefeld
Accompanied with a text by Alison Hugill

I cleared a corner in the living room and started to paint. It was terrible. I am not talking about the act of putting paint on canvas. No, that was great actually. I am talking about the paintings. I threw them in the garbage when I moved away. Years later I thought: did my true life-purpose elude me back then? Am I not a painter-like character?

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Info-Punkt is a little bittle interest group dealing with art related publications.


Sub Rosa

Various artists, publication edited by Anne Fellner

The Latin phrase “sub rosa”, in English “beneath the rose” means: in secret, privately. All contributors were invited via personal invitation to send a submission of their choice for the publication. The resulting collection features works of 59 individuals – friends, family members, poets and visual artists. A publication launch was held at Rosengarten in the park Humboldthain in Berlin.

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Bonus Material II

Jasper Spicero, publication edited by Burkhard Beschow

The second issue of Bonus Material features the work of artist Jasper Spicero showing unreleased documentation of two 2012 solo shows. Two documents edited by Burkhard Beschow together with the artist containing exclusive pictures and videos. A launch event was hold March 12, 2014 at Center, Berlin.

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Bonus Material

Zachary Davis, publication edited by Burkhard Beschow

The first issue of a series of publications titled Bonus Material – a generative exhibition concept, in which artists are invited to present a selection of alternative documentation of already existing artworks. The first issue features Portland-based artist and co-curator of Appendix: Zachary Davis.

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Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Peggy Pehl, Hayley Silverman & Emily Shinada, Olivia Erlanger, Cosima zu Knyphausen, publication edited by Hendrik Niefeld, Graphic design by Pia Christmann

We invited artists to submit material in form of sketches, models, texts, manipulated photos, anything that best describes a yet to be conceived artwork. The only requirement, was that the sketches had to be of a work in progress.

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The Apartment

Various artists, exhibitions curated by Hendrik Niefeld

In 2011 Info-Punkt borrowed its name from a former insurance office in Leipzig that was to be rented to host an exhibition. Although this plan was never realized the name stuck and various exhibitions were held in the living room of an apartment nearby. Exhibitions featured Paul Barsch, Tilman Hornig, Brad Troemel, Anthony Antonellis, Ronny Szillo as well as Anne Fellner and Burkhard Beschow.

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