Anthony Antonellis and Ronny Szillo curated by Hendrik Niefeld
Exhibition opened May 19, 2012

Flat - Anthony Antonel­lis

Flat – Anthony Antonel­lis

Flat is an exhibition featuring new works by Anthony Antonellis and Ronny Szillo. According to him, Anthony Antonellis (*1981) lives and works in the internet. He is an Associate Professor at the Bridgewater State University Art Department. Several of his works are in the Rhizome ArtBase Collection at the New Museum in New York. Ronny Szillo (*1978) is a postgraduate student in the class of Media Arts led by Professor Joachim Blank at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig. Both Antonellis and Szillo participated in Attending, a series of exhibitions showing only projections, that took place in Leipzig in 2011. This is where they met and came to discover parallels in their viewpoints and work methods.

Anthony Antonellis sends me his work Document via e-mail. It is a template for an art installation. A block ASCII PDF, over 600 color pages in length, is to be sent to a customary inkjet printer. The freshly loaded ink cartridges print page after page until they are empty. Large size extracts of the pdf hang on the wall. In response Ronny Szillo presents his work 216mm, consisting of a selection of images he produced with a mobile scanner device. They are printed on synthetic fabric and mounted on foldable stand-up displays. A laptop mounted on the wall shows a video that comments on his production process.

Flat – Gallery

Anthony Antonellis and Ronny Szillo curated by Hendrik Niefeld
Exhibition opened May 19, 2012

Flat - Anthony Antonellis

Flat – Anthony Antonellis

Flat - Ronny Szillo

Flat – Ronny Szillo

Flat - Ronny Szillo

Flat – Ronny Szillo

Flat - Opening

Flat – Opening

Flat - Opening

Flat – Opening

Flat - Opening

Flat – Opening

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We Outsourced Everything And Now We’re Bored
Publication Launch, March 23, 2013 at L’Atelier Berlin

We Out­sourced Every­thing And Now We’re Bored

We Out­sourced Every­thing And Now We’re Bored

Born from a project of the artist duo Clémence de La Tour du Pin & John Henry Newton and curated by Judith Lavagna, L’Atelier produced a book featuring Anthony Antonellis work Document he has shown at Info-Punkt in May 2012. A presentation and accompanying exhibition was held on March 23, 2013 at L’Atelier Berlin.

Names featured in our manoeuvres

Alex Turgeon

Alex Vivian

Alina Gregorian

Alison Hugill

Amber Wright

Allison Katz

Ander Rennick

Annie Pearlman

Anthony Antonellis

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Aude Pariset

Brad Troemel

Bunny Rogers

Burkhard Beschow

Calle Segelberg

Camilla Steinum

Célestin Krier

Christian Oldham

Christopher LG Hill

Clémence de La Tour du Pin

Clemens Reinecke

Conor Backman

Cosima zu Knyphausen

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Erik Larsson

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Felix Amerbacher

Florent Dubois

Hamishi Farah

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Harry Burke

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Inger Wold Lund

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John Henry Newton

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Mary Wichmann

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Natasha Madden

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Natalie Häusler

Nicholas Verstraeten

Nick Payne

Olivia Dunbar

Olivia Erlanger

Paul Barsch

Peggy Pehl

Philipp Simon

Pia Christmann

Quintessa Matranga

Rohan Whiteley

Ronny Szillo

Salomo Andrén

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Sanya Kantarovsky

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